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Are you looking for a fun, interactive and life altering experience to help move you from stuck and stalled to courageously strutting into your full potential and purpose? Look no further! The Girl, Get Your S.W.A.G. Back! Self-Guided Series is just what you need.

This powerful self-guided series is designed for women who are looking to regain their Self-confidence, restore their Walk with God, renew their Attitude of gratitude and reclaim their God-given gifts & talents. If that's you, then GIRL, it's time to get your S.W.A.G. Back! Whether you've experienced personal trauma or life's day to day drama, this experience is for you!

Make no mistake, this is not your typical, boring self-guided experience! You'll be engaged through videos created by Master Coach and Author, DeYonne Parker, thought-provoking activites and online discussions with a community of women who have boldly signed up to get their S.W.AG. back! 

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What's included?

8 Videos
3 Quizzes
6 Surveys
35 Texts
DeYonne Parker
DeYonne Parker
The SWAGologist

Get to Know Your Instructor

DeYonne Parker is a multi-national professional facilitator, speaker, coach and published author. She has spent over 20 years coaching, empowering and motivating adults. Her vast knowledge and experience in adult learning and the design, development and facilitation of leadership development programs has made her a strong partner and player in the field of learning and talent development. 

DeYonne is the published author of the life-changing book and small group curriculum, “Girl, Get Your S.W.A.G. Back!: A Soul-Freeing Journey for Women”, which challenges women of all ages and life stages to restore, renew and refresh their Self-confidence, Walk with God, Attitude of Gratitude and their God-given Gifts and Talents. 

DeYonne's greatest joy in life is being a wife and mother to two wonderful sons. She absolutely loves playing family board games with her Mr. Parkers!


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